2-Sport Athlete Lights up the Track

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After a football season filled with success, Bolles standout defensive back Kavon Miller converted to the track to show off his blazing speed. Finishing the 2021 football season with 5 interceptions, returning 1 for a touchdown, 4 pass defenses, a kick return average of 38 yards and a long of 95 yards that went to the house, it is no secret that Miller can hold his own on the field and keep up with opposing pass catchers. However if an individual can establish themselves on the track, this is another level of talent that could separate one guy from the rest that consider themselves as having “football speed”. As we all know in track and field, one of the keys to success is preparation. It looks as though Kavon Miller’s preparation methods from football field to the track are both one and the same as he soared past opposing runners at the Danny Brown Invitational track meet at Bishop Snyder High school on Saturday February 26, 2022. For the preliminary round of the 100 meter dash, the Junior sprinter wasted no time at all showing opposing teams that he is a force to be reckoned with, clocking a time of 10.83 seconds. He later clinched first place overall in the 100 meter dash with a final time of 10.92 seconds. Miller also won first place overall in the 200 meter dash, clocking a time of 21.75 in the final. This does nothing but make the point crystal clear that the talent coming out of northeast Florida and the Bolles School is nothing short of sensational. For the type of athlete that Miller is, the track is the perfect place for him to show the fans and scouts what real talent looks like while staying in shape for football season. The remarkable part of this is the fact that Miller is still a Junior, so there is still some room for improvement and the ceiling for him is extremely high. With the training tips and preparation methods that Kavon Miller has received from the incredible staff at The Bolles School, this will set the stage for the remainder of the season for Bolles Track and field. The next track meet for The Bolles School will be the Bulldog Classic Friday March 4, 2022 at 1pm.

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