Singleton headed from the 904 to the 850

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Over the past 5 decades, the game of football has changed from primarily executing the rushing attack to aiming towards the direction of the Quarterback and the passing attack. Despite the evolution of today’s game as we know it, there is still a need for a stud running back. Especially one over 6 feet tall and weighing in at 190 pounds in high school. Fleming Island’s Sam Singleton is one to fit that mold. With that quick first step and blazing speed, Singleton makes it extremely difficult for defenders to bring him down. The four-year starter has been tearing up the grass and the stats sheet since the first day he stepped on the field at Fleming Island. As a freshman, he played in 11 games carrying the ball 114 times averaging 6.6 yards per carry for 751 yards and 9 touchdowns. It is evident that he became more comfortable in his role as the feature back for his sophomore season as he improved in the yardage column with 921 rushing yards with less carries (101). Singleton also managed to get into the end zone 8 times as well (7 rush TDs). At this point, it became difficult for people not to notice the greatest asset that he possesses, speed. Singleton transferred this electrifying asset to the track, clocking at 10.86 in the 100 meter dash and  22.4 in the 200 meter dash. Realizing the depths of his potential, Sam Singleton turned up the heat just a little bit as he finally reached 1,000 yards from scrimmage in his epic junior season. Along with the 1,000 scrimmage yards (948 rushing), he also tied his rushing total as a freshman with 9 touchdowns on 148 carries. The highlights from his junior season had colleges around the state as well as the country on high alert. The 4 star running back started gaining the attention from various schools around the country including the school that was able to land his commitment in the summer of 2022, one of the most historically prestigious powerhouse college football programs in Florida State University. During his senior campaign, the 2022 Times Union Super 11 selected running back was able to surpass 1,000 yards from scrimmage once again. Rushing for 953 yards and 11 touchdowns on 123 carries. Also, he caught 10 passes for 227 yards and 3 receiving touchdowns. With numbers like these, there should be no doubt that everyone in Tallahassee knows what type of player they have coming to campus next year.

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